How to take part


How to take part // Workshop + Workshop + Fun

At ORIGIN|ARIA, you can take part in over 50 workshops between free and paid, attend conferences, visit the exhibitors booths and – why not? – drink and have fun with many other aerial disciplines lovers like you. You can also come to the event as a spectator, to get closer to the community and uncover this incredible world..


Find your level

If you want to know your pole dance level, please refer to the Pole Dance Passport, a guide you can download for free from PoleDanceItaly.com by leaving your email address. As for acrobatics, basic levels are dedicated to all those people who have tried at least one aerial discipline and can perform basic moves such as climbing. The intermediate level is open to those who have already tried some figures in the air, but are still struggling to create smooth combinations. The advanced level is for those who can already perform figures in the air and can combine at least three elements.


Pole Dance, Aerial Acrobatics, Functional training, Stretching, Floorwork and more

Over 50 workshops and more than 10 teachers from all over the world. Disciplines include aerial acrobatics, pole dance, functional training – perfect to identify any critical area in your physical training and fill the gaps – and stretching. There will be free workshops in various disciplines, that will be announced during the event, to be booked on the same day. Check the program to choose your favourite lessons, find the package that better suits you and make your booking by writing at biglietti@originariafestival.com.


Come, see and enjoy

You can also come as a visitor or companion by buying an entrance ticket for one or two days. Find the ticket that suits you and make your booking by writing at biglietti@originariafestival.com.


Exhibitors and event partners

To participate as an exhibitor and advertise your services or sell your products, you can hire one of the available booths. Or e-mail us to become a partner of the event valentina@originariafestival.com.


Questions, concerns, tips ?

We are here for you, to meet all your needs. We have created a Frequently Asked Questions section where you can find some answers. But if you can’t find the answer to your question, we will be happy to receive an email from you. Write us at info@originariafestival.com.