Pole Dance + Aerial Acrobatics  // Modena 11-12-13 October 2019 // #OriginAria19

ORIGIN | ARIA is the Italian festival dedicated to the world of aerial arts. The event has one goal: to create and bring together the community of pole dancers and aerial artists for three days, in Modena.

Three days of training – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – with over 60 paid and free workshops and 14 teachers from around the world. Have fun with your pole and aerial mates, attend the conferences and enjoy a drink with the fan community. Plus, you can visit the booths of the best brands dedicated to aerial arts, and party together on Saturday.

Enjoy your freedom and take us back to the origin of movement: our body. Bodies have to be loved and given attention. You can fly in the air with your body, but only if you know it, you can cherish it.

The location hosting OriginAria is  Female Arts Studio Modena, Pole Dance Factory, a 700 sqm multi-purpose space with 1 room for aerial acrobatics, 3 pole dance halls with a total of 36 poles, and 1 training room. For the occasion, the whole space will turn into a colourful village.

Pole dance, aerial acrobatics, functional training, stretching, music and fun. This is OriginAria